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The Patriot Act has a greater purpose than could be imagined.

A case was brought on his behalf against him and other issues that were in violation of his Constitutional rights because he was jailed for so long with no charges filed. The evening before his case was to be heard by the Supreme Court charges were finally filed against him. It is believed that it was only done so that the Supreme Court will never hear the case as the Bush Administration might have been found guilty of wrongdoing. Ironically, no charges were filed that had to complete aided by the allegations of his supposed involvement to detonate a “dirty bomb.” He was charged with lesser and less crimes that are specific Attorney General Ashcroft had stated as he was detained that the data against Padilla was overwhelming. Before he had been set to stand trial, Padilla’s attorney tried to argue that due to the torture he had been put through while the amount of time he had been detained he had been not mentally competent to face trial. A judge ruled he was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison (Martinez, 2007) that he was competent and.

On Monday April 4th, 2011 the House of Representatives reviewed the Patriot Act and voted to increase it to the 8th of December, giving the power into the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several other federal agencies to still use roving wiretaps among other powers that overstep our constitutional rights. February 28th, 2011 was thought to be the last day of the Patriot Act since no new legislation had been passed. Using this extension, America waits for hearings to be held because of the Judiciary Committee. When it came down to voting when it comes to extension many Republicans voted because of it and Democrats argued against the extension. However, what was a surprise to numerous was the undeniable fact that sixty-five Democrats voted when it comes to extension associated with Patriot Act.

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