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Estranged wife of German tycoon informs divorce or separation court judge she aren't able to find a hairdresser in England

The estranged wife of a rich German businessman has told a breakup court judge just exactly exactly how she cannot locate a “very good hairdresser” in England despite going to London almost couple of years ago.

Clarissa Pierburg stated she still often checked out a hairdresser almost 300 kilometers away in Dusseldorf, Germany.

She outlined her problem to Mr Justice Moor after being embroiled in a dispute with Jurgen Pierburg after the break down of their 35-year wedding.

Mr and Mrs Pierburg are fighting about where they need to divorce.

Mr Justice Moor is overseeing an effort within the Family Division associated with the tall Court in London and it is anticipated to complete analysing evidence and legal argument later on this week.

He has got heard that both Mr and Mrs Pierburg are had and german lived in Switzerland.

Mrs Pierburg, who's inside her 60s, states she now lives in London and really wants to divorce in England.

Mr Pierburg, that is in their 70s, really wants to divorce in Germany.

The judge has heard that the wedding broke straight straight straight down after Mr Pierburg admitted having an affair in belated 2016.

He had been told that the Pierburgs had resided in a chateau about hour from Geneva.

Mrs Pierburg said, whenever staying in Switzerland, she was in fact within the practice of flying to Dusseldorf to have her hair done.

She stated she would see her mom in the time that is same.

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